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Jool homeschooling

Pick your subject. Meet your teacher. Get ahead.

Guided learning

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Get on your homeschooling on track with our
Jool programme

School is wonderful, but we think it's too slow. Homeschooling is marvellous, but it's difficult for parents to know what to teach, which books to buy, and how to do it. 

So, we created our homeschooling programme to help our students complete the Jool curriculum wherever they are and whenever they are. 

It's easy. Pick a subject. Meet your teacher. Start flying.

How it works

Jool doesn't do tests, but we do believe in hard work. That means reading a lot, writing a lot, THINKING A LOT, and doing more than we think we should. That's what the homeschooling curriculum is designed to do. It's challenging and it's difficult, but that's the key to get ahead. 

1. Pick a subject

Not every kid needs to focus on every subject, so we let parents and students pick the subject they want to improve or they love. That could be history, law, biology, or literature. Every subject will teach students to write essays, debate, explain, and think critically!